23 Oct 2011


Movies.It's a hobby for some,past time for many,an occupation for some.
I watch movies to expand my lit knowledge.Weird?Not really.You'd be surprised at the knowledge a good movie can actually give you.In recent times,however,Indian cinema has degraded considerably.This is quite sad for the movie lovers.The main issue is the lack of originality.You'll see a xerox copy of  a south movie or an english movie copied just the way it is with little or no changes.When there's no creativity,there's no fun.Another sad phenomenon is the mindless,mind you,absolutely MINDLESS comedies(or so the producers/directors) like to call them,when there's nothing funny at all.It's absolutely boring,watching real old actors posing to be as young as possible(that's another phenomenon but we'll get there later) with perverted jokes and romancing the real young new actresses.The jokes are unfunny,crude and mindless.Besides,the multiplex rates are so high..it'll make you think twice before watching any movie.Now seriously,would you watch a movie like Thank you or Rascals in a posh multiplex spending 200 bucks per ticket?I would not even watch these dumb movies for free.

What really surprises me is the absolute determination with which these guys make such movies.I mean,when I recently saw these actors actually promoting these deranged movies,it made me feel sick.Do these movies really work?I don't believe the box office rates either.There are atleast 10 such fuckall movies every year.Made by well established banners most of the times.I recently viewed Mausam in theater.Total rip off.I felt so damn cheated and cursed Pankaj Kapoor throughout the film.What's with these people?Don't they really THINK????I dont blame Shahid Kapoor.I mean,that guy tried hard enough.He does look smashing in that air force outfit..but dude..Sonam needs to watch it.I can't understand why does the media compare her to Deepika,who's let's face it,hot enough to survive.Plus she's got some talent.Sonam is way too pathetic.The next sad movie I've watched was like,5 years back ago.kabhi alvida naa kehna.The movie was seriously the saddest of the sad.Dazzling urban sattire of the falling marriage theme?You've got to be kidding me.The movie got my entire family in a bad mood.And we couldn't even talk with each other for sometime.

I'm not saying all movies are bad.I loved Chak De India.The movie even dealt with feminism.3 Idoits was decent too.But one can't deny that the standard of movies is falling down.
I see Ra.one getting promoted like crazy right now.But I'm gonna wait for the reviews.

22 Oct 2011


Life's weird. I've grown seeing people acting way too mean at times.I mean,most of the times they don't even realize they're being absolute jerks.They realize it way later,when karma finally smacks them on the face.Let's see..when I was 11,a girl was bullied to the core.Even then,I could see the non-humanity part of it.The way she was jeered at,teased.The poor girl didn't even realize how deeper shit she was getting into.I felt sorry for her,but I couldn't really express what I felt properly back then.I could say that particular guy who was doing all this,knew the girl probably had a gigantic crush on him.And yet he continued to ridicule her,trouble her.What an absolute jerk.And since the guy was popular,his antics were justified by those around him.I feel a pang now,when I recall all those events.When I remember those jerky friends around him,abusing and sniggering at the poor girl,who probably loved even this slightest amount of attention he gave her.The whole scenario was sad.I just want to say,guys..have a conscience,stop being mean fellas.I mean,being mean is not even good,no fun.

I'm not even sure the guy got his karma smackdown,really.Which is the pathetic part.But I believe he'll get it someday.I firmly believe so.But I don't believe in seeing revenges.The point is,he was mean and wrong.And he still has shitloads of women behind him.Bullcrap.Not that I've got anything personal against him.
Moving on,What really made me remember the above event: I saw a girl being mercilessly targetted by some really mean people on a forum or a post on a wall on a social networking site.The poor girl again had no idea she was being targetted and pointed out as the stupid one.
My heart goes out for such people.I mean to those who have it all:Popularity,good looks,intelligence..must they be so mean about those who aren't as gifted?
The world is for the cocky people,is what I've seen.The more cocky you are,the more bhav(importance) you get.I wonder why.I've seen some jerks who have no talent whatsoever,but they just gain popularity as they're interactive with some famous people.Or people in general.
I wish I could meet some people and tell them:have a heart people,and be fucking nice.
Well,if this post seems a bit cynical,I want to say Ive some pretty hard high school experiences.Maybe..everyone's had one..but still,I guess people in my time were mean .