27 May 2012

Trading lives

Today,I thought I'd speak on a topic which has been going through my mind since ages.Human Trafficking.A gross commercialization of innocent human lives into a world of extremely tragic human abuse, without dignity or freedom or choice.
Since women and children form a vulnerable class,they're the prime targets of the flesh trade.The Constitution of India guarantees Human Rights to be universal and inalienable and trafficking violates all the human rights.Often, the victims are lured under false pretenses.The young women could be lured by the promise of better employment opportunities, or the pimps at times,cleverly disguise themselves as lovers and land these innocent girls into a fake commitment of marriage and then sell them off. The others are kidnapped and then sold.
Children could be trafficked for reasons such as labour work or domestic help.Or even for organ trade and sexual exploitation.Also, the organ trade in India was once quite the flourishing market, and before the legislation had passed laws,the market was legalized.
Unfortunately ,Trafficking is on the rise.Around 2 million prostitutes in India began to work as minors, and were mostly forced into the trade.Around 30% are minors right now.
The internet porn has been regarded as a harmless form of recreation.After all,God invented sex,right?However, a lot of porn does feature trafficked women and children.It is also said that porn viewers are inclined towards abnormal sexuality,sexual aggression, and even rape.I do know men out there,whose brains have been addled due to watching porn.Porn does make people insensitive.Anyway,the point is that people viewing porn ardently believe that women in porn are genuinely enjoying themselves.That,my friend does not happen.Put yourself in her place.Would you enjoy it yourself?Demeaning yourself in front of the camera?No,right? Same goes out for her.Many of these women were forced to watch porn and imitate it to practice it.
The world is full of shitty,greedy,feeling-less people out there.Make sure you're not one of them ;)
Showing indifference does put you up in that category.
Trafficking and flesh trade is an unholy alliance that degrades and destroys people's lives.
Slavery still exists in today's world.It's called human trafficking.

17 May 2012

My Top 10 All time Most Favorite Movies

I admit I have a lot of vella time on my hands.Spare time,that is.Which explains the regularity of my blog updates.I was trying to be more into social matters lately,what with my last two blogs,which I'm sure,might have pissed off all the men out there.Well, truth is the  ultimatum ,after all.Not that me being vella has anything to do with me bashing the males out there.
So I've made this list of my favourite movies of all times.They're the kind of movies I'd love,they aren't the world recommended pieces of cinematic gems or anything.In fact,I haven't included even the Bollywood films here,even though there are some really good movies out there,which I didn't love.
So here goes:

1. 50 First Dates: An awesome, cheesy, extremely funny (if you're into witty humor) love story about a Casanova,Henry Roth, who turns out to be a poster lover boy when he meets the girl of his dreams,Lucy.It's quite romantic  she's had an accident and can't remember him the next morning, but then, he makes her fall in love with him ,over and over,again.Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are a great pair together.

2.Sweet Home Alabama: A story of a young woman with a 'white trash alabama' background runs away to the big apple to chase her dreams and becomes a snobbish new york socialite. Until,her roots compel her to be the woman she once was,with no pretense.Awesome quote line and song in the movie really cracked me up' Bright lights,big city,gone to my babys head' And
Josh Lucas,So DAMN HOT! 
3.The Wedding Planner: When it comes to love,you can never really plan what would happen.This is exactly what happens to Mary (Jennifer Lopez) who's a busy wedding planner who falls for one of her clients instead.And that's when life starts to complicate.It's her biggest wedding of the career..the best part of the movie is the feel-good dreamy romance between the lead pairs.The script is almost like a Hindi Yash Chopra movie.

4.Mean Girls: Trust me,to all you mean,high school people,this movie would not seem so nice.It's about those full-of-themselves bitchy high school girls for whom life is shallow and superficial.It's about the boys,grades(sometimes) and how-we-are greater and better than most of the girls things.This movie helps to provide an insight in to the minds of these so-called awesome girls.

5.Beethoven: the line beneath the movie poster says it all.'Big heart,big appetite,big trouble' This dog,like any other is a true lovable creature who loves his family from the bottom of his heart.The trouble is,the vet wants to kill him .And the dog,as usual,saves the day.And your heart,goes out for Beethoven.
6.Monster-in-law:You find your perfect man.And you find your bliss,till you meet the other woman in his life-his mother.Who finds you to be a threat to her relationship with her son.A lot of women can relate to this.Awesome work by Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez.
7.Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: This should have been on the top actually.I LOVE this movie big time.This movie has actually kept up with the book's magic,and presents itself so grand and wonderful,that you're in love with the movie instantly.The movie's all about the leads(Harry,Ron,Hermoine) searching for the horcruxes hidden by Voldemort.Awesome everything.I'll say you have missed something in life if you haven't seen this.

8.Twilight (eclipse): I know that it's quite in fashion to criticize Twilight and Justin Bieber,but I'll say,you have to read Twilight and then judge it.Ofcourse,it's no comparison to the HP series.Anyway,this movie is the third installment about the 'vampire girl' Bella, who actually unites the clans of vampires and  werewolves to fight against a string of mysterious killings.

9.Mission Impossible 4:The Ghost Protocol: I might be slightly biased towards this movie,it has the Gorgeous Tom Cruise,after all.Even so,it's a great action packed movie.With elements of thrill and excitement in it.

10.The Mask:Jim Carrey is awesome.So is Cameron Dias(who's looked amazingly stunning in this one)And the totally funny script.I love this one a lot,even if its the last on the list.

13 May 2012

Girls,unwanted,unloved etc

My last blog post spoke about the hopeless treatment the women receive in the hands of the males(most of them are insanely proud of their balls) But more on that later.
I almost touched this topic last time,but not entirely. Nevertheless,Aamir Khan's new show Satyameva Jayate has been an eye opener for all.The topic was too grim and gore in nature ; Female infanticide. The show revealed some shocking truths about this phenomenon,about its unethical and the commercial million dollar industry.Respectable doctors were found to be involved in sting operations and unethically aborting the fetus.
It also showed the hopeless treatment the new born babies and mothers were recieving.Battering the girls,here, starts from day one.And this often happens in so-called decent,well-to do families.
These smartasses don't want a girl.She'll get married, and a dowry has to be paid to auction her off.No doubt,the girl has to be 'respectable' in her later life.
A son( a 'kul deep') will earn and keep you fed and clothed and well-looked after for life.
I'll tell you all smarties.It's karma,and it's gonna screw you bad.They might laugh at this innocuous statement and mistaken me for a simpleton but I assure you I'm not.
This disturbing trend has started in Northen India and has spread all over.
So,what really happens when there are far too many men and far less women in the world?
The obvious is the rise of criminal acts and deteriorating culture.I am no man hater or arch feminist,but the fact is that men are reported to have more criminal tendencies than women.
Girls are aborted,at times,not even with the help of any doctor,and in the most unsafe means.And even when they live,grow up,the problems are still prevalent.The unsafe,prejudicial society favours men to the extent that if the men rape a woman, he's not going to lose out on life's essential rights but a woman will have to face discrimination till she dies.
People may be highly educated, but the basic old evil thinking never goes away.
They'll kill thier own children for a few basic 'comforts' in thier own lives.
I  salute Aamir Khan for bringing up this issue in the best way possible.This way,all these great people,that is, the people who indulge in the criminal act of female infanticide  will have watched how lowly, third rated people they actually are,and come out of their fantasy world.

10 May 2012

Cuz violence ain't cool

Domestic violence is a violation of women's human rights.It is directed at them by their intimate partners, husband or boyfriend intended to hurt and create pain.It results in devastating physical,emotional,social effects not only on women,but on the entire community,family and children.
Often,the abuser/batterer is a lowlife who does not view women as people,but objects to use and dispose.
That is,objects of sex and things which serve no other purpose.The man will never blame himself for his crass behavior.It's always the women.Or its his bad day.
He could also be extremely possessive or jealous.Worst part,he believes he is entitled for sex.And born to dominate.The men,supposed to be superior beings right?Heck,they so don't know what being a woman is all about.Too ignorant or too stupid? Yet to find out.
Every year,more than ten thousand women lose their lives in domestic violence.That's almost three women everyday.
Recently,in a survey (2012) 57% adolescents claimed that it's okay,to hit women.After all,why differentiate?
Really, no moms and sisters at your place? Or superior beings already,are we?
There is no big deal about women treatment.Seriously,treat them with respect and kindness.Don't stare,pass lewd comments(ewww,passing such ghatiya comments,doesn't make you a big man,it makes you a lowlife)
And just because a woman trusts you with her life,it doesn't make her dumb.It makes you evil.And even more dumb-er.
So you trolled a women.Broke her trust.Makes you a big man?Unfortunately no.It just makes you a crass human being.Something your mom never wanted you to be.So,making  our mom proud, are we?
You--all of you.Who believe that women are secondary beings,inferior to you all greater beings, are a curse to the world.You think you can hide that terribly low self-esteem but trust me,it's so obvious.Staring right in everyone's face.
Catherine Smith was one such unfortunate woman,who had to put up with her brutal husband for three decades.She then resorted to killing her own husband,but she couldn't do it.Cuz she was no criminal,but she did end up killing herself.She tried to seek help from the system,but it couldn't help her.There are many such women out there, who face gruesome violence at the hands of their husbands daily .Seriously women out there,no,it's gonna worsen the situation if you stay with your cheapsta.Get out right away,the sooner the better.