2 Sep 2013

Unholy stuff

Godmen.A quick and more reliable solution to problems.Something close to a miracle.Yes, this is what a high number of people in India believe so.Problems such as spirits, bad luck, money can all be solved by these holymen.For a fat fee ofcourse.These holymen claim to have the capacity of possessing spiritual powers, clairvoyance and even paranormal powers.Sounds very mystic and it does often potray the wrong picture of hinduism.I often wonder  why we Indians fall prey to the oldest deceit of the trade.Is it our superstitious beliefs? Or us seeking spiritual help to our problems?
These 'babas' or 'bapus' have a surprisingly high number of people following. The recent case of Asaram Bapu should wake people up.Not that it happened for the first time.Swami Nithyananda was arrested in 2010 after a tape of him in a compromising situation with a woman was telecasted on national television.Not only that, he went on raping a woman for several years, whilst preaching holy sermons.Why should a person listen to someone's so called sermons? Use your own brain guys.Seek knowledge through your own experiences and knowledge.
One particular Swami who was a spiritual advocate to PM Indira Gandhi was arrested for running a brothel.How holy could that be.One swami Shraddananda murdered his wife and buried her in their Bangalore house.The act was proved almost 14 years later, thanks to the sluggish Judiciary.But more on that later.
But these unholy babus thrive on political nexus.Often the government grants them immunity.Also, they accept donations, converting black money into white.
I really hope people do wake up and not fall prey to these mystic sadhus.
And I hope Asaram Bapu is convicted for the heinous crimes he has commited throughout the years.For sexually abusing a minor and also for those mysterious deaths in his ashram and for calling Nirbhaya as guilty for not calling those rapists as her 'brothers'.
We need a progress not only in the economic sphere but also in terms of mindset.