26 Nov 2011

That's me

It's never so wise to dwell in the past,but I thought my blog would never be complete if I didn't give a brief intro   about how I was,what shaped me,changed me and so on.
Let's say I was too much of a sentimentalist,and preferred using heart over head( it's a foolish thing to do)
Plus,in my teen years(even in the pre-teen ones) I was a hardcore romantic(still am,though not that much)
I bet I'm still the sappiest person alive,as I love to soak in the sappiness of life.And trust me,I've never been so comfortable admitting this fact.For one,I don't have anyone to share this sappy stuff with.I've been way too single in my life.And plus,being cheesy is not that in.Who wants to admit they're cheesy?Not me.But,I guess,I did it over here.Once in a while,books like Twilight does make cheesiness quite remarkably in  fashion.Even then,cheesiness is considered to be a misguided attempt towards the romanticism.Aah,I love to soak up the sappiness.Bring on the cheesiest love stories.And the sweetest romance.I especially love movies like 50 first dates,Kate and Leopold,and close home,DDLJ will remain my favourite films,possibly forever.
Moving onto my past,I learnt a bit of classical music(singing) for a few years,and even gave two exams.
But I couldn't continue it later for varied reasons,lack of motivation and laziness being the primary reasons.
Also,for the mundane,boring activities of life.
I always knew I'd never do anything in the field of science and technology.I used to suck at maths,mainly because of impatience,laziness, and active distraction from mundane things such as even cars,birds and so on.
Also,due to a serious lack of interest.
Also in school,I discovered how much I loved writing.I was always writing some thing or the other,and loved reading novels.I thank my parents for providing millions of books to read,even if they weren't academic.And also not forcing me to take up Science.They're the coolest parents you'll ever meet :D
I'm happy today because I'm doing what I love.
I don't regret any thing.Not those missed opportunities,even.For I believe in the God's grand plan,and I always knew some things in my life were already pre-planned and they've always turned out to be great for me.And I'll always thank Him for it. :)

22 Nov 2011

Stale Tales

Okay,I know I complain a lot.But I guess the world gives me a lot of reasons to complain.Not that I'm unhappy with life or anything,but life can be pretty sucky at times.Especially for food lovers.When the food isn't right,or how awesome you imagined it would be.The worst thing that could happen to the food:Stale
Oh,the horror.You go to your favorite restaurant ,hoping to eat your mood's favourite,ranging from Chinese to pav bhaji or any continental awesome food. And then,my friends,you realize how epic stale it is.
You'd be amazed to know how often we've eaten absolute stale food.We eat to beat the stress,but such food stuff may decrease the remainder of our happiness.Okay,this might be an exaggeration for those who are sad and picky eaters.But those who love to eat and live to eat may understand my point.
Many people gobble food and stuff their faces with absolute random shit and fake a food orgasm.Also,in India, people love to eat street food,often containing germs (People eating and throwing up later or catching typhoid is a common and an often ignored phenomenon)
Also,the so called good establishments often pass off stale subzis to the unaware eaters and don't even entertain complaints.Oh yes,I once complained about an absolute stale Manchurian to the cook in a multiplex food court.What followed was the manager coming in and eating up the food I left,and telling me how bloody good it is.And how wrong I was.I think/hope the food must have weakened his digestive system.If you know what I mean.But such is their suck ass attitude.I mean,cmon profits are good,but they're not going to remain forever if you chaps don't serve it fresh.Their stale ass attitude screams silently'Take it or leave it,but you're gonna have to pay for it'.Bitches.

A few months back,one smart-ass, bad-ass fella from Thane  felt it would be cool to piss in the vessel in which he would serve pani puris.May he rot in hell forever.I still flinch every time I think of having panipuri.Or eat one.
I wonder what must have those people felt who had eaten his pani puri.Beyond nausea, I suppose.
I wonder why do these unethical,profit-lovers,commercial to the core people do not see it.Karma,you bitches.Its gonna come back to you.Atleast I hope it does.
Plus,making a fool out of perfectly decent human beings who need a change from their daily lives isn't what you'd call very nice,is it?
Oh,for the humanity,fellas,serve food fresh from the frying pans.You'll get good wishes from everyone.Including me,as I like to thank people who serve me really awesome food.My mom's an awesome cook.I mean that goes without saying.I see many awesome moms who take up great efforts to trying new recipes from the internet or try Tarla Dalal's new cook book recipes.But their kids want to eat sad stale food off the streets.Awesome,kids.

20 Nov 2011

Hypocrites,are we?

In our country,it's almost a sin to consider having fun.Now I do know that some restrictions do need to be imposed.But unwanted interference from unwanted and unknown people kinda bums you out.I mean,these people literally have no concern to our well-being or anything.They're just trying to be 'dignified'.But in truth,they're just irritating and bossy.Who can just never have fun in their lives.One really does feel annoyed by their narrow-minded outlook on every damn thing.They have to bring moral codes to everything .Especially,about women.They'll judge a woman if she wears short clothes.It's not her,it's you who's actually corrupted of innocence.And there's no way you can judge people on their dress sense.
Morever,these people actually want you to be dependent on others for life.In India,children are way too dependent on their parents.More than any other country in the world.Parents funding higher education is a phenomenon existing only in India.

Marriages.Now this term totally freaks me out.Not normal ones but Indian ones.People in India are the most practical about marriages.Women prefer highly educated men(Which translates into a big,fat pay cheque every month)Which is mostly like, preferring a golden-IIT boy over regional college-but brilliant guy kind of a thing.Men go for looks.If she's pretty,she's in,if she's not,they'll make snooty comments about her appearance and expect the parents to deal with it.And they'll lie about it.They'll lie about everything,or worse,hide things.Dowry is not an unknown phenomenon.It is still taken from women's family.Now in modern times,dowry is translated into expensive SUVs or a volkswagon.If it is not given,marriages are often cancelled,even when they've been given enough expensive shit already.You feel like going 'chauvnist,much?' on their bloody faces.
And even if expensive cars and gadgets are given in dowry,you'll still see perpetually unsatisfied grumpy old in-laws and an indifferent husband harrasing the poor new bride to bring in more chores after making her work like 12-13 hours a day.
Moreover,our culture is so bloody biased towards the women.Women can't smoke cigarettes or watch porn or have pre-marital sex(I do neither of the things myself ,but Im not gonna judge a woman if she does that)
I also pity the condition of old people in our country.They're simply thrown in a corner,and not cared for at all.
Grow up fellas,enjoy the beautiful but short life around you.
Let live and let others live too.

11 Nov 2011

The Road killer

India has the highest number of road accidents.In the world.Nearly 4 lakh people get injured in a year,and nearly a lakh and a half lose their lives.Most of them are very young (between the ages of 15 & 29)So why is this sad phenomenon increasing so much?Firstly,blame the sad condition of public transport in cities like Pune or Kolkata,where the public transport is so inadequate,that people prefer riding or driving themselves.
About 6-7 months ago,a classmate from my school died.I remember her every time I ride my bike.She was bright,good looking,popular,and even though we weren't necessarily close,I still feel a pang sometimes when I remember all the lurid details of how she died.Some one told me a bus ran over her,killing her instantly.How much can a bus over you hurt?She was just 19.
Such incidents make you lose faith in life and even God.Sadly,many of us know at least one person who's died or been grievously injured in road accidents.That's how common road accidents have become.How can we do our bit though?Many of us have increasingly stressful schedules,we need bikes to travel everywhere.Even at long distances,often.Evenings are the times when traffic reaches its all time peak and people especially indulge in rash driving which is often bad timed.Risking their own and other's lives as well.
I also primarily blame the sad condition of our roads.Our roads are narrow,badly planned and the most narrow roads are two-ways at times.With half the roads congested with people,shops,cattle and absolute chaos.The endless potholes and ditches also add to the obstacles.As they say,if you can drive in India,you can drive anywhere else in the world.

And most of the times,the road repairs take absolute ages,and the commoners are left in despair about what to do.The traffic controllers do their bit,but that's not really enough.We all need to wear helmets for instance(there's law for that which is implemented every now and then) But yes,it's really important that you wear helmets (I'm going to start wearing it pretty soon)Even though it's uncomfortable and yes,heavy.
Also,to those 'dudes' who think it's cool to ride bikes at a million speed need to slow down big time.It's not thrilling when you'll die,seriously.Don't drive rash fellas,think about your folks back at home.They'll be absolutely shattered if you die.

6 Nov 2011

I'm proud to be in the arts stream

I was once visiting an old national park in Karnataka with my relatives and mom,the scenery was beautiful, picturesque,and I could actually see deer near our tents at night.It was an amazing experience.
I was having a really good time,when I saw the cook making delicious food for us all (South Indian food is yum) The weather was really cold,even though it was supposed to be a hot summer day,so I went near the fire for some warmth.The cook kindly asked me,"what do you study?Engineering?" He was a nice guy otherwise,as he'd agreed to make food for 6 people on a chulha (which takes ages to prepare by the way)
"I'm doing BA" I replied.
His kind face grew more concerned for me."Really?Why?You should have done BSC at least.Good chances of becoming a forest ranger here".This advice comes from a guy,who has,I'm sure not studied for a day in his life ever.I don't hold it against him,and I laughed it off then.But that is SO the mentality of the nation.
I know many people who scored really awesome in tenth,which made them cocky enough to believe they were super amazing overall.I pitied them.Many of them did see sense later on.When they couldn't handle Physics and chem.Or maths even.I don't hold it against them,but they did look down upon us 'Arts' people as duffers. Of course,interests and likes don't hold any place in their life I guess.I still know many people who think they're so super amazing because they're engineers.Seriously,get a life.I saw at least 50 people changing their streams after12 Th,after crying and scoring real bad in the boards.
Don't know why doesn't people's mentality ever change.Many of them just do engineering cause it pays good,when they're so un-inclined otherwise.One of my friend,who aspired to be an architect,ended up doing engineering,thanks to her parents.One of my friends(who still looks down upon me,and clearly makes it more obvious) openly calls us (me and my friends)jobless and god knows what.She didn't even make it to engineering.
More ad vices,taunts and sniggers poured in the day I decided to take up Psychology.Now,Psychology is as interesting as it seems.Plus the career avenues are existent.But these so-called intellectuals had to look down upon that too."Psychology is for the 'mentals'"They say,and laugh.God,atleast learn to use grammar and good english,if not your head.
Maybe some day these people will realize that every job and career is meant to be respected.I would respect every bhel wala ,pan walla,even the maids in our house,cuz I know they work hard.And every field requires some level of intellect and hard work.
And so does Arts.And hell,I'm proud to be a student of arts. :D 

1 Nov 2011

Revolution 2020:in my words

Not a big fan of CB,but I read all the books.My fav. one is 2 states.But I had no idea that his new book would be releasing now.When I read my cousin's facebook update,I frantically gathered all info. about the book and ordered the book from Flipkart immediately.
I wasn't disappointed.It has the usual elements of what a CB book has; harshness of reality,an average boy making it big while making occasional mistakes,and falling for a pretty girl,and a friend who's a rebel and wants to change things(It was Ryan in 5 point someone, Vroom in one night,Ishaan in 3 mistakes) And in this one,it's Raghav.And here,the hero,by circumstances falls into the clutches of corruption and justifies it from time to time.It's purely circumstantial,obviously,as he's poor and money is all he wants. Apart from the girl,ofcourse.Infact,girl is what he wants for most of the time.The girl,who's often confused between 2 boys,finds herself in deep infidelity.This is all reading between the lines.
I would say the book contains some 'oh-that's so true-that happens with me' moments.But I expected some more anti-corruption stances.Raghav's character is brilliant.And your heart goes out for him.An ace IIT student who goes into writing and wants to change the society.(Is Bhagat referring to himself?)
Anyway,the book has quite a strong plot but ends with melodrama which wasn't necessarily required.The part when Gopal goes to tell Raghav about how he's a better person in life,and how he deserves Aarti better and when he realises that Raghav's a way better person than him,really touches your heart.The book has its moments after all.But the whole'calling the call girls' to make Aarti leave him and go to Raghav is way too filmy.But let's just ignore that one.
The negative side to the book however,is the part where you ask yourself,;'serious much?'
All CB books have had some really funny lines where I've laughed like crazy.This one doesn't make you laugh.At all.You end up feeling really sad for the state of society we're living in.And that's what Bhagat wants I guess.Make us all think.And revolutionalize.
I would rate the book in terms of his own books till now.Let's say the book's better than 3 mistakes and one night ,but not as good as 2 states and 5 point someone.