26 Dec 2012

A bid adieu to the past year

Hello folks! Thank you for stopping by.
As the title says,it's time to bid adieu to 2012.Um,lets see.It was a normal year.The government did not care about its people,apathy was written all over the government's face.People were indifferent (as compared to 2011 when people actively supported Anna Hazare in launching an anti-corruption movement)
We kept losing matches (We faced defeat in the hands of Pakistan just yesterday)
The Highlights :
1.The doomsday which did not happen : All the cynics and pessimists sentenced the entire world to death for rampaging the environment or something.Many theories were put across
The most popular one was that of the Mayans.Also,the crap movie which commercialized on the fear of so many people.They said a gigantic tsunami would engulf us all,ending the world instantly.Sorry my cynical folks,as much as you wanted it to happen,it did not happen.Better end your life on your own,than asking a tsunami to swallow you.
2.Deaths: Sorry,this sounds gory but many of the famous and the infamous have passed away last year.No prizes for guessing who the infamous was.Read my previous blog post for furthur reference.
The police apparently did a geat job of eliminating the vicious desparado.
Celebrities like Bhupen Hazarika,Pt.Ravi Shankar,Rajesh Khanna,Yash Chopra all breathed their last in the previous year.
So what is with the deaths?Crazy coincidence.

3.Continuation of rapes,killings,lootings:
It's not the sexual frustration.There are enough brothels.Its the egoistic mindset that they need to teach women a lesson.What happened in Delhi a few days back just highlights this.Guys,I urge you to not use curses which accuse a person of incest.Learn to treat a person with respect,no matter what.Attacking someone vulnerable makes you coward,not a big man.
Since we live in Kalyug,all our karmas will favour or not favour us in this birth only.

Despite the pessimism,there still shines a ray of hope.We are progressing,but a snail pace.With a little more care for the surroundings,the environment especially,we can do wonders, as a human race.If we live without prejudices of people from different communities and learn to care for others.Let's all pledge to make 2013 a year of transition- of hope and happiness.A change in a positive way.To grow and blossom :)