27 Dec 2011

2011 for me

I entered 2011 with buzzing optimism.I wish I had retained that attitude,as I realized,optimism is the key to happiness.Couple it with positive thinking and it leads to happiness.This year,I learnt to embrace this attitude which also helped me in letting go off the past hurts.Being happy and counting your blessings instead of troubles has been a major lesson for me this year.This year,I also loosened up a little,and let go off the awkwardness within me.It wasn't truly a happening year,and it was yes,even a lil drab at times,but damn it,if it wasn't the best year of my life :D
Because life is all about enjoying the little mundane things around you instead of some buzzing hyperactivity.I could write about a few moments nevertheless
1.India winning the world cup:
Awesome.Legendary. Awesome again!Winning the world cup was a high moment for every Indian.Especially Dhoni's last six.Pak's jealousy was reflected in Shoaib Akhtars lame autobiography,in which he threw some derogatory remarks against Sachin.Go die,Shoaib!
2.Embracing positivism,and letting go off the past hurts: I did a lot of negative thinking earlier on,due to which my self-image was distorted.At 53 kgs,I often felt like I was the heaviest girl alive.I've let go off all those things,and I guess,I can see myself clearly for who I am,and loving myself that way. Now I like and live by Barney Stintson(the legendary guy)'s quote,"When I'm sad,I stop being sad and be awesome instead"
3.Anna Hazare's campaign:While it is still on,and I wonder where is it heading to,but when it started,I had a lot faith in it,for this was a common man's battle (a visibly fair one) against the corruption.Grandest salute to the uneducated guy from Ralegaon Siddhi ,who had the gumption to initiate such a successful  campaign against corruption for the Levis and Pepe Jeans-clad youth,who care less than anything about their country.
4.Movies:My favourite one of this year has to be Harry Potter's final installment of the HP series.Rowling's magic turning into a grand visual treat livened up mine and many of the HP fans' lives.Rockstar and Singham were decent movies too.
The crassest movie of the year has to be Delhi Belly.DB's crude,crass,vulgar humour did not appeal to me.
I wonder what delusional image does Aamir Khan have about the youth.I hate him for making this one.Like I said,Mausam was an unexpectedly crap movie,so I've shifted my loyalties from Shahid to Ranbir.Sorry,Shahid.

Anyway,here's to hoping that 2012 will be awesome. Which it will be :D Happy New Year,guys!!

19 Dec 2011

Living in the world of deceit

Sounds gory and cynical,but alas,the truth is,the truth ain't valued anymore.We live in a world where lies, deceit,and unwarranted praise is not only liked,but needed by everybody.
The old fashioned fables and the moral stories we heard as kids  all about honesty is so passe.
The world is all about throwing your un frank opinions around and literally,doing all the 'chaplusi'.
Double standards,lies, deceit is done on the top of the hat and let's face it,everyone's doing it.Some people do it less,some people do it better.I know in particular a woman who literally thrives on the bullshit.
And yes,she does think all the people with frank and straightforward opinions are jealous of her.Yeah,right.
This is the attitude which has developed for the very few remaining people who believe in being awesome(not telling so much of lies to suck up to people)
Kids suck up to their teachers.People praise their bosses to the core with burning rage in their hearts just to survive in their job.So no point in not admitting that you don't or haven't sucked up to any person in a particular point of time. Of course,you want to be nice.But,you don't have to be a fake in doing so.
Double standards and insincere flattery has increased way too much.Sure,you don't want to hurt somebody's feelings.But you don't have to praise someone's old sweater and then when that person leaves,they go like,'terrible sweater.Suits her'
You have to be bloody good compliment-er to exist in this world,and win everyone's affections.
So praise the man who wants to flaunt his flowery pants,only to laugh at him later on.
Look at advertising.Many of the products aren't so good,anyway.But just the fake,legalized lying makes people buy it.
Critics be warned.They will be stoned for their bloody blunder.No truth,you understand?That's how it is.
Sure,bitch behind their back.But on their face, give them a hug,tell them they're awesome too much and everyone leaves happy.
Not really.
Yeah unfortunately we're all the victims of this unfortunate epidemic.Fake behavior.
This blog is also dedicated to those awesome people I don't wish to name :)
They've been the queens of fakeness..

3 Dec 2011


India currently faces four major internal threats ;1.Terrorism 2.North-eastern states infiltration by the Bangladeshis.3.Naxalism 4.Kashmir insurgency
 And believe it or not,the biggest threat that we Indians face today  is undoubtedly, Naxalism. Evolved in small town Naxalbari,the movement is named after this town,which is in  Paschimbanga.Basically started as a protest against the exploitation by the rich men and  zamindars, now they wish to topple the  government of India,as they claim to 'break India' by 2050.
These naxalites are the aggressive communists,who violently protest against the unfair treatment given to them since ages by the upper caste Hindus.Naxalism can also be referred to as CPI (Maoists) and often use sophisticated machinery and gun weapons to attack the government bodies.They're far better skilled than our military and para military forces,and they're not just trigger happy morons.Obviously,the sophisticated machinery handed out to them,is done by none other than our dear neighbours.
The recent Dantewada massacre of 2010 killed many young men of the para-military forces.The tragic event shook the whole nation.

The media often portrays Terrorism as our biggest threat of all,which it is,but not as much as Naxalism.More people have died in naxal attacks,than in terrorism attacks.
The terrorism wishes to bleed India with 1000 cuts,and spread fear everywhere.And kill people in fragments.But a naxal attack would mean killing of at least a thousand people in one attack.They've got highly skilled operatives,with much better networking and communications.How so many people can determinedly work toward such a destructive cause,beats me.
Justice is often regarded as joke in our nation.The rich tycoons committing serious crimes often don't end up in jail.Our system is such that the honest and sincere ones have it difficult and the not so-sincere ones literally have it easy.Our system badly needs to be changed.In this case,the police forces have been both cowardly and corrupt.And make no decent efforts to capture the naxalites. Places like Gadchiroli are considered to be 'punishment postings' to those officers who make a 'nuisance' of themselves by being too honest or whatever.
The progress in capturing these goons has shamefully,been null.