17 Jun 2013

The Joy of animation

Ah,hello folks! Thank you for stopping by.
Today, I'll speak on a much lighter topic,something which I realise, I haven't done in a long time.
I recently discovered something I hold quite close to my heart--animated films.I realized this when the other day, in my daily channel surfing, I happened to come across an amazing movie which I had entirely forgotten about--Finding Nemo.Everyone's heard of the movie and most of my friends love it.I must have been ten or eleven when it released in the cinemas.
Ah, the innocence.The good feel.The pure silly fun.The pure unadulterated joy of watching it.
Honestly, Pixar and Disney have given me a happy childhood.And they make me happy even today.Most of them snigger or find it too silly to watch an animated movie when they're grown ups.But I'd rather watch these movies than Black Swan or Les Miserables.Most of these movies have a proverbial end with a good lesson for the viewes.The underlying goodness, the good always triumphs over the evil, and how love can be true and friendship knows no boundaries are some of the amazing things animated movies have taught us.Call me childish, but I'm watching animated movies even when I'm 83.So here are the top ten amazing movies I love ;
 1.Howl's Moving Castle : Tops the list.It's a Japanese animated fanstasy film which released in 2004.It's about a young girl cursed with the body of an old woman by a spiteful witch and the secret of breaking the spell lies with  a self-indulgent handsome wizard and his companions in a walking home.
Must watch! 
2.Up: This one makes everyone cry.I mean, cmon, could anything possibly get more cuter than this?Carl and his wife's  relationship montage at the beginning of the movie is supremely cute.The rest of the movie is filled with awesome moments when Carl ties a thousand balloons to his house to travel to South America to fulfill his late wife's wish but a dog and a boy get in his way.
 3.My neighbour Totoro: Another brilliant Japanese animation.Filled with innocence and love.Its the story of two young girls who move to the country when their mom is in the hospital and they encounter bizarre spirits.
One of my absolute favourites.
4.Finding Nemo: Pixar created an underwater so vast and beautiful that we never could really imagine Nemo's dad finding him.But when he does, we feel joyous.Fish are friends,not food is the best thing taught to us throughout the film.
5.Wall e:Pixar has a way of pulling our heartstings through the characters.What else can you say of the Wall e who just wanted to hold someone's hand like he'd seen in the musical Hello Dolly?Amazing awesome movie.
6.The Ice Age series: I like the whole franchise.The meltdown, Dawn of the Dinosaurs and even the Continental Draft and even the first movie.The unlikely goup of a mammoth, a sloth and a smilodon encounter some amazing adventures as the world around them changes regularly and crumbles down.

7.Kung Fu Panda :A Giant Panda named as Po is said to be the Dragon Warrior.But when he shows no skills of being so, he gets scoffed at.After considerable practice, he becomes an amazing warrior.An ideal watch on a lazy day.

8.Beauty and the Beast: A timeless fairytale for all the sappy cheesy viewers like me.Nuff said.
9.The Madagascar series: A lion, a rhino, a giraffe and a zebra decide to escape the comforts of the royal New York Zoo to find out what wild life is really like,assisted by absconding penguins and lemurs.This one has the best humour.The song 'I like to move it,move it' takes the cake.

10.Princess and the Frog:Another fairytale,but with a twist.Cursed by a witch doctor, Pince Naveen implores Tiana for a kiss to transform back into a human.Downright funny and exciting, this one is a great entertainment.

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  1. Hello! I like those movies, especially the studio ghibli ones. Have you seen "Kiki's delivery service" or "Whisper of the heart"?
    Finding nemo is one of my all time faves from Disney. Brave and Tangled were very good too.