10 Oct 2012

How to get over a crush

This sucks.You want to get over someone you never even dated.You went after someone who didn't return your interest.Most of the people have gone through this,and yes, are too egoistic to accept this fact.It's almost humiliating how long it takes to get over crushes.The heart tries to go after who it wants,in any case.But the head should have the ultimate decision power.

Here are some ways to get over your crush (This is well-researched)

1.He is not 'The one' :No matter how much you liked him and wanted him to be your one true love, he was not the one.Why?Well,he wasn't crazy about you enough to pursue you.If he didn't do that,he wasn't your dream man.

2.Nobody's Perfect:Nope,he ain't flawless.No one is.He is not your Prince Charming,or your dream guy.

3.Lose the hope:Get rid of any hope about getting together...its not going to happen.Do not make the excuse that the person is introverted.A person with interest,will show their feelings soon enough.Don't keep on hoping for something to happen ,instead open your life for a new person to enter in.

4.Protect your mind: You have no place in his heart,so he has no place in your mind.Replace his thoughts by something new if you can.Think about something which excites you,like a pair of shoes,or a meal you like. You have the power to stop the train of your thoughts.Don't over think.It's the truth.

5.Don't talk about him:This is gonna worsen the situation.Tell your friends to not talk about him.And don't talk about him.You don't miss someone you don't think or talk about.Out of mind is out of heart.

6.Meet new guys: the best way to get over someone is to meet new guys(who happen to return your interest) Most of the times,if there is a mutual interest, an inviting smile and an eye contact is all you need :)

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