5 Aug 2012

Immortals of Melluha

The book,written by debutante author Amish has a compelling story line about the depiction of the Lord Shiva, as an ordinary citizen, who curses,smokes weed and grass, and lusts for his girl whom he eventually marries.The gist is that he rises to his god like stature through his good deeds. Of course,luck plays a huge part as he's a part of prophecy that claims to destroy the evil.And thus,the deal is struck.He is supposed to destroy the evil,as any man who has a permanent blue throat after drinking the somras, is the destroyer of evil(as accordance with the prophecy)
While the mythologies I have been told to as child have been drastically different than Amish's story line, the book, nevertheless has a lot of information and facts about the era.The deep rooted caste system,for instance.Also,the fact that compassion and human treatment to all could glorify a person's character.
Shiva,a Tibetan commoner rises from being an ordinary citizen to the Great Neelkanth in matter of no time because of  his depth,wisdom and humanity.The books makes us realize the importance of good karmas and most importantly,teaches us to be good human beings.
As far as authenticity is concerned,no mythology can be vouched for.And the Immortals of Melluha is truly,a good read.But the Somras was actually a wine,an alcoholic beverage that the gods savoured and not the elixir of life,as mentioned.

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