13 Jan 2013

Justice for Nirbhaya

2012 ended on a sad note.A gang of egoistic,testerone driven mutts decided to attack and ruthlessly kill a woman just because they felt like doing so.
The heinous rape followed by a brutal murder shook everyone's faith in humanity.It made the women even more suspicious about the dominated sex.The politicians openly displayed thier loose thinking about women.
The president's son(don't even know the name) made some comment about women being jobless and thus,the protests.Pondicherry 's CM made a suggestion that women should be made to wear overcoats or something.One thing folks, if you wish to reduce the rapes or sexual assaults like these,amending the women's attire is not going to help.Anything which is expected to do from the women's side is not going to help.You should rather begin a moral science class on a government level,or make statements which ask the men to respect women as human beings if not anything else,and not rape.I mean,really,how difficult is it to  control the animal desires? Teach your male children the importance of both the genders co-existing.Women are not meant for sex alone.
Keep that goddamned ego aside.

Just respect the gender which gave you birth is all.It's basically the power which the society gives.The power to get away with anything.As they say,if you want to test a person's integrity,give them power.No wonder our society is such a phony,hypocrite world.
Also,the juvenile age needs to be reduced.There have been many instances wherein the minors have gotten away with serious crimes and continue to do so.Yet,the judiciary never learns.The boy who jammed the iron rod into the girl is not an innocent minor.He's a dangerous offender and a real threat to the society.I would suggest total elimination of his existence but the judiciary sees him as a toddler clutching to a toy.
Mindset towards women needs to be reformed.You need to be more sensitive towards them.Heck no,don't give them special privileges.Just understand and respect the differences.
Munni,Fevicol,Sheila,halkat jawani are all extremely demeaning songs towards women.Ban these songs.Every actress should realize her role and responsibility and what impact these songs have on people.How it fills the sick people's mind with glee to see a women so ready to get laid.I would suggest the producers to wake up and think about their responsibility too.The lyrics are getting cheaper day by day.
People are demanding action and answers.But I'm cynical about the procedures.Somehow our wonderful constititution never gives justices and delays things all the times.Be sensitive guys,speed up things.

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