22 Mar 2013

And..it all changes

I've been very uninspired lately,to be honest. I didn't know what to write about, because life has been so much confusing.On the surface, those adventurous ones might even call it drab.But It's...changing.It's the end of an era,so to say.I'll be graduating out of my college in less than two months.And it's turning out to be a bigger change than I anticipated.While fond farewells and teary and sentimental goodbyes started weeks back, it's hitting me now,that things will change and they will not be the same.
I still remember the day I started out with college.I was sixteen, just out of school with some bitter experiences(the regular high school drama shit) lost, confused and lonely.I was introverted and shy and could not initiate conversations with new people,which called for a lot of misconceptions.I was under confident and gawky.Self deprication was the norm.College years did teach me to loosen up a little, and to  not take things so seriously.
Was it way too chilled out? Yes.But hey, I did my bachelors in Arts.Not that we didn't have studying to do( Unlike those snotty Science and/or technical graduates who always claim Arts people have no work to do,we write way more than you do)
There was,however, a lot of procrastination involved.That,I won't deny.And much less pressure(Hey,isn't that a good thing?) However, there were too many things I learnt.And unlearnt.Too many memories.So much of fun.I made some friends who I know are going to stay in my life forever.No matter how far we'll be staying apart,"atleast I'll send you my wedding card" One of my friends joked.I retorted, "I'll come only if you say he's the one"
People around me changed,fell in love,fell out of love,got hurt, got love, took up drinking, smoked,( not just cigarettes) did Jobs.It just gave me a slight insight about how the world works.How some friends remember you only when exams are nearing, especially this one particular female who is famous for pulling on a puppy face when exams are nearing and studiously ignoring us otherwise whilst smoking giant amounts of cigarettes for the rest of the year.How I thought I was best friends with a person who later on, didn't exactly display best friend like qualities.How I decided to give up dating (not that I did any good amount of dating before)on meeting and befriending male friends who weren't exactly as awesome as they claimed to be.
I also realized what my passions are.And what a lazy ass I am for not pursuing them.I realized my love for Psychology and Political Science.I realized how little I should care about those who don't matter. and how I should focus on enriching myself more with the coming times it,if it weren't the best five years of my life.
I am going to miss my college.No matter how boring it was.No matter how sad and dingy the canteen was,no matter how there was not a single trip arranged by the college.
I am going to miss it.But I look forward to a better future which will hopefully be more exciting and  more awesome than ever.

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