6 Apr 2013

When will it stop?

Forgive me, if it is tad annoying to repeatedly discuss the same issue. But it shows no indication of  stopping or slowing down, so forgive me if am being a little 'sexist' or biased towards my kind.
As the nation still struggles to come to terms with the brutual assault on Nirbhaya, yet another horrific sex abuse has come to light.
These three young sisters were raped and murdered in rural India.Their ages? 5,9, and 11.I am sure the youngest one had no clue about what rape means or even about sex,for that matter.
Yeah, all men, those who've raped, molested women are dirty filthy,actually no amount of abuses can actually describe thier acts.They're inhuman and no,they don't deserve mercy and they deserve hell.But those involved in the 'lesser crimes' of giving lewd stares, groping and touching in the wrong places,pretending to be stifled by the crowd, you all too- be human guys.Women are human beings too-give us the basic human right to choose our mate.To decide whom we're going to have sex with.
Respect?Maybe that's too much to ask from the egoistic worms.So maybe a new one:Just leave us alone and stop judging us will do.
Evolution hasn't put up men against women.But the act of rape basically shows this.We are supposed to complement each other, and not hate and fight and force each other.

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