31 Mar 2012

Being single at 19

We live in a world where we are constantly being judged,its over our appearance, the way we talk,dress,earn,live...but it's also mostly about whom we date,or how we date or lead our personal lifestyles.And when we are a single(preferably for a long time like me) people are free to use their common sense NOT plus perception.Trust me,I appreciate being single,not falling for any random loser,learning what life really is without their help,which had earlier drained me completely.
And having a boyfriend has never done it for me and will never do so in the future(pretty sure of that) So here I am,weighing the pros and cons of being single at 19 in the 21st century ...
1.Nothing to regret: Past love is mostly all about the guilt...about doing something wrong or not doing something when needed which leads to the demise of the relationship.So now I really do have nothing to regret...I live a relatively guilt free life.This is one of the awesomest perk of being a single woman.

2.No tensions:Relationships are not so smooth.You have to make them work.Keep the other person happy,massage your bruised ego all by yourself,make peace...and all that.I don't have to worry about that anymore.None of that,and none of OMG how are my parents going to react to this...I'm such a bad daughter and all of that.

3.No feeling low:Guys can be total asses at times.And when the power of vulnerability shifts from them to you,the slightest things they say can make you feel really bad.And in my case,the hurts have been really big.Since the past few years,apart from the old hurts,I've not reached an all time low or anything. In fact,being in a relationship can suck out your happiness and being single=being happy,is what I believe in truly.

4.No loss of self-esteem:Women do say they feel good when they're in a relationship.That never worked for me.These things have,in fact,reduced my self-esteem,which I brought back by positive things such as exercise,positive people,good friends and discipline.

5.You can retain your virginity:These days,there is no such thing as pre-marital sex.Everyone's doing it,like it's a fad.And sometimes,even relationships ain't necessary to take a step so big.While being a sunshine is much frowned upon by these intellects,I prefer to be one,no matter what they say.

6.Single=having brains:Often,we ignore the early warning systems present within us,which screams on silently.It has a voice which goes like'oh no you fool,he's lying' which you conveniently choose to ignore because you 'love' him.Love is often a vague terminology and people have been epic trolled by this

 While you can already say that the pros outweigh the cons,the cons do exist,and come up every now and then,diminishing your common sense.

1.No feeling of that 'high' which love sometimes give you: Which only happens when you're with the right person.Just being in a relationship with any random person is not going to do that(unless he's a smooth talker:a quality which many girls find hard to not  fall for) Even then,at 19,I can figure out a smooth talker just like that.Life teaches you so many things.

2.*sigh* those awesome candle light dinners,cuddles..all those cheesy things which hello,rarely happen in real life are the things you want the most,at times,make you long for a boyfriend.

I'm pretty sure many girls all over can relate to this post ;) as I've added inputs from many girls I know..But over all,I'll definitely say,I prefer being single.


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