17 Mar 2012

My top 10 most favorite things in life :)

My first picture blog post :)
I admit,I didn't blog for a while,due to laziness,other stuff going on,ectera,ectera.So this blog post caters to the self-obsessed part of me,which no matter how small its size,does exist.So here goes :)

1.Rom-Coms: Like I did admit in my earlier posts,I'm a cheesy much person.But I hate the way the word cheesy is used,like it's derogatory or something.Cheesy is a perfectly legitimate word,and romcoms are truly one of my favourite things :)Those familiar with my life and this blog,are aware of this,but this truly tops the list.
2.Meg Cabot's books: I know there are far better writers,with far better narrations.But this woman's books with her sophistcated wit and humour coupled with a sappy dappy love tale makes me feel good on the inside.
3.Cheesecakes and Tiramisu:Jeez.This blog post makes me sound super girly. Guiltily so.And this is my guilty pleasure.While it is generously loaded with calories,it is loaded with happiness as well.
I often eat them in a celebratory mood :) But trust me,you are missing something if you never tried these things.
 4.How I met your Mother and the Big bang theory: Needless to say,I love these shows.They represent stuff actually happening with people in terms of dating, complicated feelings, and more so in a totally funny way.And since I've got all episodes loaded in my pc,its almost like reading a book on those lazy days.
5.Shoes: like a wise woman once said, there's one thing that will never disappoint me..shoes<3.All I can say is,she's damned right :D Shoes,flat or heels,stilettos or the extra-normal ones...shopping for them fills a gap in our lives that we never actually know actually  existed.
6.Fab kurtas: Kurtas are the best apparels I know.I can don them at any time, without feeling the uncomfortable feeling those short shirts sometimes give you.And they can look totally hot.
7.Writing: no,this doesn't have to be almost at the bottom list.But yes,I absolutely adore writing.I want to hone up this flair,so I can write publishing worth stuff.*sighs* never hurts to dream big!
8.Aerobics: I love to workout.Especially aerobics.While I'm not regular with it now,I intend to be soon.
9.Random layman politics discussion with dad:analysing country's growth,freedom,constitution,cases...is what I talk about with my dad.He's awesome and gives me some wonderful essential insights about the way things go around in this country.He's immensely knowledgeable,and it's fun to know all those facts
 10.Girlie talks with mom: I tell my mom most of the things.She's patient, an awesome listener(a trait found so rarely in people nowadays,what with selective hearing being in fashion)
is an awesome,matured friend to have.

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