29 Apr 2012

India :unloved

We've had a glorious history.India was known as the 'land of milk and honey',implying ample prosperity and wealth, and no sad scene basically.Apart from the low status of women(which I'll get back to later)
It's said that,'where wealth accumulates,men decay' And so were invaded by various foreigners, who made the nation poor and the citizens spineless,which still continues today. We live in a world dominated by castes,sects,and the centrifugal pattern which makes all of us biased towards all other people.They'll all say,'Oh they just hate people of our caste/sect/religion' but they do the very same thing themselves.So much for the hypocrisy.And it's not just the old ones.The young ones will do that too.More so, in fact.
The government today is nothing but puerile garbage.They'll favor people of a certain class or community.And deliberately bring down the rest.They have to survive in the game of politics after all. The common people have relied on people like Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev.Let's how that works.Not that I have much faith in it.
The govt has even hidden important components of the real history so as to prevent communal violence,as they claim. So,it never gets out.What we learnt in school was just partially bits and pieces info of what happened. Seriously,who is really patriotic?The leaders?working class? Nobody.Nobody gives a fuck.Everyone's preoccupied with something else to care really.Besides,most of them believe things are beyond repair anyway.Leaders take advantage of this resigned belief and continue their dirty business, making the commoners suffer and excelling in owning wealth in amounts unimaginable to even the richest commoner around.Boy,we are one messed up country.
People have their personal difficulties, jobs and all other stuff to sort out.So nobody cares.And so we survive like that.Nationalism?They'll laugh at you and tell you to get a life.
People(even the commonest of the common lot) bribe.They don't give a fuck about voting,about the environment and hence,we fulfilled the greed of our awesome politicians and we'll continue to do so.

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