10 May 2012

Cuz violence ain't cool

Domestic violence is a violation of women's human rights.It is directed at them by their intimate partners, husband or boyfriend intended to hurt and create pain.It results in devastating physical,emotional,social effects not only on women,but on the entire community,family and children.
Often,the abuser/batterer is a lowlife who does not view women as people,but objects to use and dispose.
That is,objects of sex and things which serve no other purpose.The man will never blame himself for his crass behavior.It's always the women.Or its his bad day.
He could also be extremely possessive or jealous.Worst part,he believes he is entitled for sex.And born to dominate.The men,supposed to be superior beings right?Heck,they so don't know what being a woman is all about.Too ignorant or too stupid? Yet to find out.
Every year,more than ten thousand women lose their lives in domestic violence.That's almost three women everyday.
Recently,in a survey (2012) 57% adolescents claimed that it's okay,to hit women.After all,why differentiate?
Really, no moms and sisters at your place? Or superior beings already,are we?
There is no big deal about women treatment.Seriously,treat them with respect and kindness.Don't stare,pass lewd comments(ewww,passing such ghatiya comments,doesn't make you a big man,it makes you a lowlife)
And just because a woman trusts you with her life,it doesn't make her dumb.It makes you evil.And even more dumb-er.
So you trolled a women.Broke her trust.Makes you a big man?Unfortunately no.It just makes you a crass human being.Something your mom never wanted you to be.So,making  our mom proud, are we?
You--all of you.Who believe that women are secondary beings,inferior to you all greater beings, are a curse to the world.You think you can hide that terribly low self-esteem but trust me,it's so obvious.Staring right in everyone's face.
Catherine Smith was one such unfortunate woman,who had to put up with her brutal husband for three decades.She then resorted to killing her own husband,but she couldn't do it.Cuz she was no criminal,but she did end up killing herself.She tried to seek help from the system,but it couldn't help her.There are many such women out there, who face gruesome violence at the hands of their husbands daily .Seriously women out there,no,it's gonna worsen the situation if you stay with your cheapsta.Get out right away,the sooner the better.

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