3 Jun 2012

Reviewing TV shows

I'm not a TV-ish person,and even when I do press the remote occasionally,I prefer something decent.Preferably something entertaining,funny,something which most Indian telly shows do not offer.It's either a sob saga about the woes of a woman trapped inside a wrong marital abode or those sad sab tv shows which leave you totally poker faced.
So I thought I'd review the ones I watch occasionally,or at times,somewhat often.So here goes;

1. The Mentalist: This show is so awesome.Patrick Jane's psychic powers seem genuine at all times,and the show actually presents an ending too unexpected to digest.And it retains the air of mystery and anticipation throughout the show.Plus,Patrick Jane is kinda hot.Love that smile of his.Also,the show is well-scripted and everyone acts well.The only hitch is that senior Lisbon lacks the level of involvement in all cases,considering her position.Overall,this show surely is a great watch.
2.The Big Bang Theory:If you crave something hilarious,this is the show to watch.Leonard ,Sheldon are two nerds,both physicists in California.When Penny,a pretty woman moves next door to their apartment,Sheldon tries his luck with her.The show is absolutely brilliant,with all kinds of humour,and Sheldon's unconventional rigid ways actually make you love him.The best time of the show is anytime when he and Penny share a disagreement.
3.How I met your Mother:Another brilliant show.This I can vouch for,having seen all the six seasons.The show basically is about Ted finding his soul mate in New York City,with the help of his four best friends,Marshall,Lily,Barney and Robin.Barney's an unapologetic womanizer and is responsible for all the fun element in the show.Throughout the show,Ted is actually relating the story of how he met their mother in great depth to retain the magic.
4.Pretty Little Liars:While the show is sparkled with the glam factor and girly-ness,it has a gripping narration as four best friends are threatened by an anonymous 'A' who seems to know all their secrets and all their whereabouts and activities and pretty much uses it against them.The main mystery of the show is to find out who 'A' is,in reality.Awesomely glamorous and sleek,this show,I can rate,totally watch-able at all times.
5.Cougar Town: While the title and the setup may make this one sound like another of the Desperate Housewives kinda show,but the show is so not that.What I like about the show is the funny element it retains,no matter what.Jules is awesome,but I love Ellie's character the most.The woman is so natural.Plus,the humour is the best,better than any telly shows.But what it needs,is a stronger story line.

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