27 May 2012

Trading lives

Today,I thought I'd speak on a topic which has been going through my mind since ages.Human Trafficking.A gross commercialization of innocent human lives into a world of extremely tragic human abuse, without dignity or freedom or choice.
Since women and children form a vulnerable class,they're the prime targets of the flesh trade.The Constitution of India guarantees Human Rights to be universal and inalienable and trafficking violates all the human rights.Often, the victims are lured under false pretenses.The young women could be lured by the promise of better employment opportunities, or the pimps at times,cleverly disguise themselves as lovers and land these innocent girls into a fake commitment of marriage and then sell them off. The others are kidnapped and then sold.
Children could be trafficked for reasons such as labour work or domestic help.Or even for organ trade and sexual exploitation.Also, the organ trade in India was once quite the flourishing market, and before the legislation had passed laws,the market was legalized.
Unfortunately ,Trafficking is on the rise.Around 2 million prostitutes in India began to work as minors, and were mostly forced into the trade.Around 30% are minors right now.
The internet porn has been regarded as a harmless form of recreation.After all,God invented sex,right?However, a lot of porn does feature trafficked women and children.It is also said that porn viewers are inclined towards abnormal sexuality,sexual aggression, and even rape.I do know men out there,whose brains have been addled due to watching porn.Porn does make people insensitive.Anyway,the point is that people viewing porn ardently believe that women in porn are genuinely enjoying themselves.That,my friend does not happen.Put yourself in her place.Would you enjoy it yourself?Demeaning yourself in front of the camera?No,right? Same goes out for her.Many of these women were forced to watch porn and imitate it to practice it.
The world is full of shitty,greedy,feeling-less people out there.Make sure you're not one of them ;)
Showing indifference does put you up in that category.
Trafficking and flesh trade is an unholy alliance that degrades and destroys people's lives.
Slavery still exists in today's world.It's called human trafficking.

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