13 May 2012

Girls,unwanted,unloved etc

My last blog post spoke about the hopeless treatment the women receive in the hands of the males(most of them are insanely proud of their balls) But more on that later.
I almost touched this topic last time,but not entirely. Nevertheless,Aamir Khan's new show Satyameva Jayate has been an eye opener for all.The topic was too grim and gore in nature ; Female infanticide. The show revealed some shocking truths about this phenomenon,about its unethical and the commercial million dollar industry.Respectable doctors were found to be involved in sting operations and unethically aborting the fetus.
It also showed the hopeless treatment the new born babies and mothers were recieving.Battering the girls,here, starts from day one.And this often happens in so-called decent,well-to do families.
These smartasses don't want a girl.She'll get married, and a dowry has to be paid to auction her off.No doubt,the girl has to be 'respectable' in her later life.
A son( a 'kul deep') will earn and keep you fed and clothed and well-looked after for life.
I'll tell you all smarties.It's karma,and it's gonna screw you bad.They might laugh at this innocuous statement and mistaken me for a simpleton but I assure you I'm not.
This disturbing trend has started in Northen India and has spread all over.
So,what really happens when there are far too many men and far less women in the world?
The obvious is the rise of criminal acts and deteriorating culture.I am no man hater or arch feminist,but the fact is that men are reported to have more criminal tendencies than women.
Girls are aborted,at times,not even with the help of any doctor,and in the most unsafe means.And even when they live,grow up,the problems are still prevalent.The unsafe,prejudicial society favours men to the extent that if the men rape a woman, he's not going to lose out on life's essential rights but a woman will have to face discrimination till she dies.
People may be highly educated, but the basic old evil thinking never goes away.
They'll kill thier own children for a few basic 'comforts' in thier own lives.
I  salute Aamir Khan for bringing up this issue in the best way possible.This way,all these great people,that is, the people who indulge in the criminal act of female infanticide  will have watched how lowly, third rated people they actually are,and come out of their fantasy world.

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