17 May 2012

My Top 10 All time Most Favorite Movies

I admit I have a lot of vella time on my hands.Spare time,that is.Which explains the regularity of my blog updates.I was trying to be more into social matters lately,what with my last two blogs,which I'm sure,might have pissed off all the men out there.Well, truth is the  ultimatum ,after all.Not that me being vella has anything to do with me bashing the males out there.
So I've made this list of my favourite movies of all times.They're the kind of movies I'd love,they aren't the world recommended pieces of cinematic gems or anything.In fact,I haven't included even the Bollywood films here,even though there are some really good movies out there,which I didn't love.
So here goes:

1. 50 First Dates: An awesome, cheesy, extremely funny (if you're into witty humor) love story about a Casanova,Henry Roth, who turns out to be a poster lover boy when he meets the girl of his dreams,Lucy.It's quite romantic  she's had an accident and can't remember him the next morning, but then, he makes her fall in love with him ,over and over,again.Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore are a great pair together.

2.Sweet Home Alabama: A story of a young woman with a 'white trash alabama' background runs away to the big apple to chase her dreams and becomes a snobbish new york socialite. Until,her roots compel her to be the woman she once was,with no pretense.Awesome quote line and song in the movie really cracked me up' Bright lights,big city,gone to my babys head' And
Josh Lucas,So DAMN HOT! 
3.The Wedding Planner: When it comes to love,you can never really plan what would happen.This is exactly what happens to Mary (Jennifer Lopez) who's a busy wedding planner who falls for one of her clients instead.And that's when life starts to complicate.It's her biggest wedding of the career..the best part of the movie is the feel-good dreamy romance between the lead pairs.The script is almost like a Hindi Yash Chopra movie.

4.Mean Girls: Trust me,to all you mean,high school people,this movie would not seem so nice.It's about those full-of-themselves bitchy high school girls for whom life is shallow and superficial.It's about the boys,grades(sometimes) and how-we-are greater and better than most of the girls things.This movie helps to provide an insight in to the minds of these so-called awesome girls.

5.Beethoven: the line beneath the movie poster says it all.'Big heart,big appetite,big trouble' This dog,like any other is a true lovable creature who loves his family from the bottom of his heart.The trouble is,the vet wants to kill him .And the dog,as usual,saves the day.And your heart,goes out for Beethoven.
6.Monster-in-law:You find your perfect man.And you find your bliss,till you meet the other woman in his life-his mother.Who finds you to be a threat to her relationship with her son.A lot of women can relate to this.Awesome work by Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez.
7.Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: This should have been on the top actually.I LOVE this movie big time.This movie has actually kept up with the book's magic,and presents itself so grand and wonderful,that you're in love with the movie instantly.The movie's all about the leads(Harry,Ron,Hermoine) searching for the horcruxes hidden by Voldemort.Awesome everything.I'll say you have missed something in life if you haven't seen this.

8.Twilight (eclipse): I know that it's quite in fashion to criticize Twilight and Justin Bieber,but I'll say,you have to read Twilight and then judge it.Ofcourse,it's no comparison to the HP series.Anyway,this movie is the third installment about the 'vampire girl' Bella, who actually unites the clans of vampires and  werewolves to fight against a string of mysterious killings.

9.Mission Impossible 4:The Ghost Protocol: I might be slightly biased towards this movie,it has the Gorgeous Tom Cruise,after all.Even so,it's a great action packed movie.With elements of thrill and excitement in it.

10.The Mask:Jim Carrey is awesome.So is Cameron Dias(who's looked amazingly stunning in this one)And the totally funny script.I love this one a lot,even if its the last on the list.


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  2. quite a nice list!!Though hp n twilight?? Compared to the books they are worthless.. N mask is amazing truly!!! He shows us just how its done!!

  3. 50 First Dates makes my list too! brilliant concept and excellent performances!!

  4. Yeah I agree that HP and Twilight are great books but the last installment of HP was too good,don't u think?:)
    Plus,I liked Eclipse a lot!
    Wow,you know,not many people have seen The Mask...:) It's a great movie..and it was on today..on HBO,I think.