26 Nov 2011

That's me

It's never so wise to dwell in the past,but I thought my blog would never be complete if I didn't give a brief intro   about how I was,what shaped me,changed me and so on.
Let's say I was too much of a sentimentalist,and preferred using heart over head( it's a foolish thing to do)
Plus,in my teen years(even in the pre-teen ones) I was a hardcore romantic(still am,though not that much)
I bet I'm still the sappiest person alive,as I love to soak in the sappiness of life.And trust me,I've never been so comfortable admitting this fact.For one,I don't have anyone to share this sappy stuff with.I've been way too single in my life.And plus,being cheesy is not that in.Who wants to admit they're cheesy?Not me.But,I guess,I did it over here.Once in a while,books like Twilight does make cheesiness quite remarkably in  fashion.Even then,cheesiness is considered to be a misguided attempt towards the romanticism.Aah,I love to soak up the sappiness.Bring on the cheesiest love stories.And the sweetest romance.I especially love movies like 50 first dates,Kate and Leopold,and close home,DDLJ will remain my favourite films,possibly forever.
Moving onto my past,I learnt a bit of classical music(singing) for a few years,and even gave two exams.
But I couldn't continue it later for varied reasons,lack of motivation and laziness being the primary reasons.
Also,for the mundane,boring activities of life.
I always knew I'd never do anything in the field of science and technology.I used to suck at maths,mainly because of impatience,laziness, and active distraction from mundane things such as even cars,birds and so on.
Also,due to a serious lack of interest.
Also in school,I discovered how much I loved writing.I was always writing some thing or the other,and loved reading novels.I thank my parents for providing millions of books to read,even if they weren't academic.And also not forcing me to take up Science.They're the coolest parents you'll ever meet :D
I'm happy today because I'm doing what I love.
I don't regret any thing.Not those missed opportunities,even.For I believe in the God's grand plan,and I always knew some things in my life were already pre-planned and they've always turned out to be great for me.And I'll always thank Him for it. :)

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