11 Nov 2011

The Road killer

India has the highest number of road accidents.In the world.Nearly 4 lakh people get injured in a year,and nearly a lakh and a half lose their lives.Most of them are very young (between the ages of 15 & 29)So why is this sad phenomenon increasing so much?Firstly,blame the sad condition of public transport in cities like Pune or Kolkata,where the public transport is so inadequate,that people prefer riding or driving themselves.
About 6-7 months ago,a classmate from my school died.I remember her every time I ride my bike.She was bright,good looking,popular,and even though we weren't necessarily close,I still feel a pang sometimes when I remember all the lurid details of how she died.Some one told me a bus ran over her,killing her instantly.How much can a bus over you hurt?She was just 19.
Such incidents make you lose faith in life and even God.Sadly,many of us know at least one person who's died or been grievously injured in road accidents.That's how common road accidents have become.How can we do our bit though?Many of us have increasingly stressful schedules,we need bikes to travel everywhere.Even at long distances,often.Evenings are the times when traffic reaches its all time peak and people especially indulge in rash driving which is often bad timed.Risking their own and other's lives as well.
I also primarily blame the sad condition of our roads.Our roads are narrow,badly planned and the most narrow roads are two-ways at times.With half the roads congested with people,shops,cattle and absolute chaos.The endless potholes and ditches also add to the obstacles.As they say,if you can drive in India,you can drive anywhere else in the world.

And most of the times,the road repairs take absolute ages,and the commoners are left in despair about what to do.The traffic controllers do their bit,but that's not really enough.We all need to wear helmets for instance(there's law for that which is implemented every now and then) But yes,it's really important that you wear helmets (I'm going to start wearing it pretty soon)Even though it's uncomfortable and yes,heavy.
Also,to those 'dudes' who think it's cool to ride bikes at a million speed need to slow down big time.It's not thrilling when you'll die,seriously.Don't drive rash fellas,think about your folks back at home.They'll be absolutely shattered if you die.


  1. Oooooooooh yes :(
    It's really sad but happens everywhere :(
    Here,in Mumbai, public transport system is good but still, sooo many people, less roads.
    So many trains and buses are still not adequate :(
    Wish people pay heed to traffic rules! :(
    Take care Di