6 Nov 2011

I'm proud to be in the arts stream

I was once visiting an old national park in Karnataka with my relatives and mom,the scenery was beautiful, picturesque,and I could actually see deer near our tents at night.It was an amazing experience.
I was having a really good time,when I saw the cook making delicious food for us all (South Indian food is yum) The weather was really cold,even though it was supposed to be a hot summer day,so I went near the fire for some warmth.The cook kindly asked me,"what do you study?Engineering?" He was a nice guy otherwise,as he'd agreed to make food for 6 people on a chulha (which takes ages to prepare by the way)
"I'm doing BA" I replied.
His kind face grew more concerned for me."Really?Why?You should have done BSC at least.Good chances of becoming a forest ranger here".This advice comes from a guy,who has,I'm sure not studied for a day in his life ever.I don't hold it against him,and I laughed it off then.But that is SO the mentality of the nation.
I know many people who scored really awesome in tenth,which made them cocky enough to believe they were super amazing overall.I pitied them.Many of them did see sense later on.When they couldn't handle Physics and chem.Or maths even.I don't hold it against them,but they did look down upon us 'Arts' people as duffers. Of course,interests and likes don't hold any place in their life I guess.I still know many people who think they're so super amazing because they're engineers.Seriously,get a life.I saw at least 50 people changing their streams after12 Th,after crying and scoring real bad in the boards.
Don't know why doesn't people's mentality ever change.Many of them just do engineering cause it pays good,when they're so un-inclined otherwise.One of my friend,who aspired to be an architect,ended up doing engineering,thanks to her parents.One of my friends(who still looks down upon me,and clearly makes it more obvious) openly calls us (me and my friends)jobless and god knows what.She didn't even make it to engineering.
More ad vices,taunts and sniggers poured in the day I decided to take up Psychology.Now,Psychology is as interesting as it seems.Plus the career avenues are existent.But these so-called intellectuals had to look down upon that too."Psychology is for the 'mentals'"They say,and laugh.God,atleast learn to use grammar and good english,if not your head.
Maybe some day these people will realize that every job and career is meant to be respected.I would respect every bhel wala ,pan walla,even the maids in our house,cuz I know they work hard.And every field requires some level of intellect and hard work.
And so does Arts.And hell,I'm proud to be a student of arts. :D 


  1. yup very true!! psychology is sumthing I wud hav simply luved to study!! Still do!! People of India need to think broader, if not here then they can definately get jobs abroad. So one should not shy away from what their heart tells them,what they feel passionate about.
    This is what I think they mean when they say 'Expand Your Horizons!!'Think big and think with your heart!!

  2. Woooooooooooooooooooooooo!
    First, topic dekh ke hi I was like yaaaas xD
    So true. So many people have given lectures to me and my mom dad. Beti ko arts karaoge toh aage jaake what'll she do. Blahbleebloo. Like, why can't they all just DIE -__-
    Anyways, yes, Psychology is fascinating <3
    And all streams are kick ass as long as YOU want to choose that. As long as you're interested,everything's great.
    I actually feel bad for those people who get pushed and sucked into doing what they do not actually want to do!
    Take care dii
    Much love <3

  3. Thanks a Lot Sahil...:)
    And thanx Nirati!!!Even my parents had to face all the lectures :D Screw them all.