22 Nov 2011

Stale Tales

Okay,I know I complain a lot.But I guess the world gives me a lot of reasons to complain.Not that I'm unhappy with life or anything,but life can be pretty sucky at times.Especially for food lovers.When the food isn't right,or how awesome you imagined it would be.The worst thing that could happen to the food:Stale
Oh,the horror.You go to your favorite restaurant ,hoping to eat your mood's favourite,ranging from Chinese to pav bhaji or any continental awesome food. And then,my friends,you realize how epic stale it is.
You'd be amazed to know how often we've eaten absolute stale food.We eat to beat the stress,but such food stuff may decrease the remainder of our happiness.Okay,this might be an exaggeration for those who are sad and picky eaters.But those who love to eat and live to eat may understand my point.
Many people gobble food and stuff their faces with absolute random shit and fake a food orgasm.Also,in India, people love to eat street food,often containing germs (People eating and throwing up later or catching typhoid is a common and an often ignored phenomenon)
Also,the so called good establishments often pass off stale subzis to the unaware eaters and don't even entertain complaints.Oh yes,I once complained about an absolute stale Manchurian to the cook in a multiplex food court.What followed was the manager coming in and eating up the food I left,and telling me how bloody good it is.And how wrong I was.I think/hope the food must have weakened his digestive system.If you know what I mean.But such is their suck ass attitude.I mean,cmon profits are good,but they're not going to remain forever if you chaps don't serve it fresh.Their stale ass attitude screams silently'Take it or leave it,but you're gonna have to pay for it'.Bitches.

A few months back,one smart-ass, bad-ass fella from Thane  felt it would be cool to piss in the vessel in which he would serve pani puris.May he rot in hell forever.I still flinch every time I think of having panipuri.Or eat one.
I wonder what must have those people felt who had eaten his pani puri.Beyond nausea, I suppose.
I wonder why do these unethical,profit-lovers,commercial to the core people do not see it.Karma,you bitches.Its gonna come back to you.Atleast I hope it does.
Plus,making a fool out of perfectly decent human beings who need a change from their daily lives isn't what you'd call very nice,is it?
Oh,for the humanity,fellas,serve food fresh from the frying pans.You'll get good wishes from everyone.Including me,as I like to thank people who serve me really awesome food.My mom's an awesome cook.I mean that goes without saying.I see many awesome moms who take up great efforts to trying new recipes from the internet or try Tarla Dalal's new cook book recipes.But their kids want to eat sad stale food off the streets.Awesome,kids.

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