20 Nov 2011

Hypocrites,are we?

In our country,it's almost a sin to consider having fun.Now I do know that some restrictions do need to be imposed.But unwanted interference from unwanted and unknown people kinda bums you out.I mean,these people literally have no concern to our well-being or anything.They're just trying to be 'dignified'.But in truth,they're just irritating and bossy.Who can just never have fun in their lives.One really does feel annoyed by their narrow-minded outlook on every damn thing.They have to bring moral codes to everything .Especially,about women.They'll judge a woman if she wears short clothes.It's not her,it's you who's actually corrupted of innocence.And there's no way you can judge people on their dress sense.
Morever,these people actually want you to be dependent on others for life.In India,children are way too dependent on their parents.More than any other country in the world.Parents funding higher education is a phenomenon existing only in India.

Marriages.Now this term totally freaks me out.Not normal ones but Indian ones.People in India are the most practical about marriages.Women prefer highly educated men(Which translates into a big,fat pay cheque every month)Which is mostly like, preferring a golden-IIT boy over regional college-but brilliant guy kind of a thing.Men go for looks.If she's pretty,she's in,if she's not,they'll make snooty comments about her appearance and expect the parents to deal with it.And they'll lie about it.They'll lie about everything,or worse,hide things.Dowry is not an unknown phenomenon.It is still taken from women's family.Now in modern times,dowry is translated into expensive SUVs or a volkswagon.If it is not given,marriages are often cancelled,even when they've been given enough expensive shit already.You feel like going 'chauvnist,much?' on their bloody faces.
And even if expensive cars and gadgets are given in dowry,you'll still see perpetually unsatisfied grumpy old in-laws and an indifferent husband harrasing the poor new bride to bring in more chores after making her work like 12-13 hours a day.
Moreover,our culture is so bloody biased towards the women.Women can't smoke cigarettes or watch porn or have pre-marital sex(I do neither of the things myself ,but Im not gonna judge a woman if she does that)
I also pity the condition of old people in our country.They're simply thrown in a corner,and not cared for at all.
Grow up fellas,enjoy the beautiful but short life around you.
Let live and let others live too.

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