1 Nov 2011

Revolution 2020:in my words

Not a big fan of CB,but I read all the books.My fav. one is 2 states.But I had no idea that his new book would be releasing now.When I read my cousin's facebook update,I frantically gathered all info. about the book and ordered the book from Flipkart immediately.
I wasn't disappointed.It has the usual elements of what a CB book has; harshness of reality,an average boy making it big while making occasional mistakes,and falling for a pretty girl,and a friend who's a rebel and wants to change things(It was Ryan in 5 point someone, Vroom in one night,Ishaan in 3 mistakes) And in this one,it's Raghav.And here,the hero,by circumstances falls into the clutches of corruption and justifies it from time to time.It's purely circumstantial,obviously,as he's poor and money is all he wants. Apart from the girl,ofcourse.Infact,girl is what he wants for most of the time.The girl,who's often confused between 2 boys,finds herself in deep infidelity.This is all reading between the lines.
I would say the book contains some 'oh-that's so true-that happens with me' moments.But I expected some more anti-corruption stances.Raghav's character is brilliant.And your heart goes out for him.An ace IIT student who goes into writing and wants to change the society.(Is Bhagat referring to himself?)
Anyway,the book has quite a strong plot but ends with melodrama which wasn't necessarily required.The part when Gopal goes to tell Raghav about how he's a better person in life,and how he deserves Aarti better and when he realises that Raghav's a way better person than him,really touches your heart.The book has its moments after all.But the whole'calling the call girls' to make Aarti leave him and go to Raghav is way too filmy.But let's just ignore that one.
The negative side to the book however,is the part where you ask yourself,;'serious much?'
All CB books have had some really funny lines where I've laughed like crazy.This one doesn't make you laugh.At all.You end up feeling really sad for the state of society we're living in.And that's what Bhagat wants I guess.Make us all think.And revolutionalize.
I would rate the book in terms of his own books till now.Let's say the book's better than 3 mistakes and one night ,but not as good as 2 states and 5 point someone.


  1. Ooooh, nice review. Makes me want to lay my hands on it. I'll try getting it soon. :D
    Love ya

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  3. Awesome review. The book also makes you hope desperately that CB might be exaggerating a bit. Surely the state of our country can't be this bad...